Does Anyone Need a T-Mobile Sidekick?

Kubler-Ross got it right for grief. I think I’m onto my own five stages of moving. (Cox-Jen 5 Stages of Why Didn’t I Start Sooner, But It’s Gonna Be Okay.)

1) Resolve: I’m gonna do it right this time, and throw all that weird stuff out, pack and label my boxes smartly, and get it all done on time, no back and forth between venues.

2) Intrigue: Wait a minute. Where did THIS come from? I should try it on/test it out/dust it off/see if it still works/research its value on eBay for at least 2 hours.

3) Incredulity: Where does all this stuff keep coming from? I thought I finished packing that closet 3 hours ago. I think I have ghosts.

4) Futility: I’m just throwing this unopened box from the last move in a new box for the next move. It’ll be like a sad, sad treasure hunt when it all arrives.

5) Netflix.


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