Since When Are We Talking About Food?

I know, right?  So, the salad in a jar thing + new Kitchen Aid stand mixer + not living in a miserable place in a miserable situation = me happy and back to making, in whatever way that plays out.

Recently, that’s been cooking (or, if I’m honest, just putting ingredients together.  I’d like to call it cooking, though, if that’s okay).

I discovered the magic that is Farm Fresh Groceries yesterday and it’s changed my life.  It’s like a combination of Target, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and a bodega.  All less than a quarter of a mile from my front door.  Who knew what wonders I’d find if I just turned left instead of right one day?  It’s been there the whole time, and I just discovered it today.

Upon looking at everything on offer, I decided to change up my Greek, Buffalo Chicken, Thai and Balsamic Cranberry Chicken salads this week and try some Cobb Salad in a jar.  Bonus is that the salad bar is so extensive, I could do all my shopping there, and buy exactly the amount and what I needed and not find myself with a half-bunch of wilted celery/romaine/butter bib at the end of the week.  I made 3 for the week and one for dinner, and it was amazing.  If you want to try it, here’s how I did it.  Read the “recipe” from the bottom up to layer your salad so nothing gets squishy.


Stay tuned for one more food discovery and then, I swear, it’s back to crafting and Russell Jenkins!


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