This Week

As if there weren’t enough on the plate, this week, I ordered my BarBri course materials.  I’m hoping that August will see me with some free time on my hands (lots of it, probably!) and I’ll have time to study and prepare.  This is my plan B…  or, A-minus, I guess.  Seems like an opportunity I should jump on now that I have the freedom and time to do so.  Plus, the exam ends on the day before I leave for Cuba, which makes a nice transition.

That means busy fingers and feet between now and next Monday when studying starts.  I swear to Viola Davis that I’m going to finish every FO in my queue, and will only start one new thing using this cashmere I scored today from Pepperberry Knits

via Pepperberryknits.  It's pretty, huh?
via Pepperberryknits. It’s pretty, huh?

Someone sent me a mug today that says, “You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce does.”  That’s giving me hope!


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