We Are Sparta!

Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but that’s also a little bit how I’m feeling right now.  It’s been years of planning and months of SERIOUS planning to find a homebase for Chicago TextileWorks (now, Make.Do.)  I was a contender for a grant — and still am — but I’m going to have to fight for it.  I don’t foresee a blood feud or a fight to the death, or anything … tho … I will if I have to … if I can borrow someone else’s sword and skirt … and muscles.

When they emailed me about re-characterizing my proposal under a different model, I balked a bit.  Partly because of butthurt/ego (How could they NOT want to give me everything I asked for and more?!) and partly because the re-characterization just won’t work for what Make.Do. is about.  The terrific committee member who answered my call listened to my case and suggested that I submit supplemental information for my application.  I was floored.  And, I said, “Great, I have a business plan for you.” And then I said, “But I need to present it in person.  It’s important for us to see each other.”  And, to my surprise and delight, she said, “Yep, come on down.”  I bought a new dress, I got copies of the business plan bound (thank you, Bryan at OfficeMax!), I contemplated dyeing my hair to cover the gray, but then thought, no, this might be the one time it makes me look distinguished instead of just old!  I got this!

Tomorrow morning, I am off to meet with the selection committee who holds at least this next little bit of my fate in their hands.  I’m not nervous, I’m excited.  And, I’m prepared.  In a move uncharacteristic of me, usually (and maybe because I don’t often get presented with challenges to the EXACT THING I BELIEVE IN AND WANT MOST), I actually asked for what I wanted — this meeting — to sell my idea to people who can help me make it happen.  It’s an idea I believe in and I am 8 kajillion percent positive it will work … and not just work, but be profitable and a benefit to the local community.  That’s a great feeling and I can’t wait to get there.  So, how do I know it’s going to work?  I don’t know it’ll work out exactly the way I want, but I’m 100% it’s gonna work out exactly as it should.  Why?  Because this little ditty from this site about nursing (? no idea) popped up in my feedly reader under the ‘inspring’ hashtag just as I was shutting down for the night.

Someone's trying to tell me something, methinks!
Someone’s trying to tell me something, methinks!

Happy (late) Monday!


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