Pick that up off the floor!

That’s what I think to myself at least twice a day when I walk past the same half-skein of Paton’s that’s been on the floor under my desk now for … well, since I made those socks back in January.  Terrible.

Organization isn’t necessarily my enemy, but it’s definitely running scared from me!  I don’t know why, but it eludes me.  I say it every weekend, but owing to the sighting of a moth earlier this week, it’s for real this time.  Major clean out involving the purchase of a commercial garment steamer, a new vacuum cleaner, every space bag in the world, and about $8 billion worth of moth balls.  Starting with the yarn, and moving on to the fabric and patterns stacked up in the sewing closet.

This genius was introduced to me just today by this genius, and I can’t wait to get started applying these thoughts and this approach to my craftedlife!  Happy Thursday!


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