Sorry, Buddha

I am not evolved enough to appreciate the glory of all God’s creatures and be a steward of their care. I love a wonky-eyed dog and even a personable opossum, so I would say that I am 99% there, but for my all-consuming hatred of 1000-leggers (silverfish) and clothes moths.

I was a woman on fire today after I finally figured out (I hope) the source of the moths. And let me say here that I have only seen 1 or 2 a day, so I understand how one could think it’s less of an infestation and more of an annoyance. My circumstances, though, make even 1 a terrifying experience.imageI have a boatload of yarn in storage (all in space bags, so fingers crossed) and a big wholesale shipment on the way. So, sorry not sorry for eradicating my mortal enemy today.

They were in the rug. The rug I begged my mother to give me that used to sit in her store in Ohio. The beautiful pink and red and blue and green hand-knotted rug that I do/did love so. It had been rolled up since before my escape from Texas and all that dark coziness and heat was a comfort to the moth horde. I fixed them good and how with a Dyson, a Shark, a steamer and some highly-toxic-but-worth-it spray.  Three times today.

And so they are gone and dead now. Not just dead to me, but d-e-a-d, and I know it’s not right to revel in the demise of a hapless creature, but still, I am doing a dance on my moth-free rug right now. No shame. I will get to the yarn in storage to do a double-check when I get back from travels on Wednesday. It should be okay as it was all super-sealed with repellent in every space bag, but I want to make sure. Until Wednesday then, I will be comforted and more relaxed than I have been in weeks. Sorry, moths, but you came for the wrong one!


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