Everything is Possible

I have been working on the Make.Do. website nonstop for so many days now. Right in the middle of real job getting super-real.  It is often hard not to feel beleaguered or like 8 am the only one working this hard or like nobody knows the struggle I’ve seen (… are you humming now?  Me, too.).

But the fact of the matter is, as was pointed out to me on a conference call with my assistant just now, this ain’t nothing that other people haven’t gone through before, and it surely ain’t nothing compared to folks walking miles and miles with babies in tow trying to find not just a better life, but a SAFE life. I got my complaints in check. My biggest problem right now is getting the shopping cart and the newsletter widgets to work … ON A WEBSITE.  I am clothed, fed, safe, and relatively happy. And and about to get my life — 3 days to site launch and I am totally okay if it’s a little wonky at first. Life is a draft.

Thanks to Amaya and my fierce cousin (http://www.retyped.org/jaimee-r-mom-on-a-mission/) for reminding me to enjoy things that are almost okay, to hold tight the angst and squeeze it until it relents, and to be ever grateful for the little wins that portend greater things on the horizon!  Stay tuned for a semi-functional website in T-minus 3 days!

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