One Other Thing

This was Monday, which is usually a hard day, so I get that.  Okay, not the best day of the week.  But I have to say that I struggled more than I do most Mondays. And I struggled in a way that wasn’t the typical:

  • “I don’t want to get up”
  • “Russell Jenkins, I wish you were a monkey so you could just use the toilet”
  • “Eli, why did you have a hairball THERE?”
  • “Why aren’t there any clean clothes?”

I was struggling with some serious get-your-shizz-together-and-move-on stuff prompted by an email — yep, just an email — from a coworker/colleague.


And, it made me feel some kind of way because I started to think not about my capacity to accomplish something, but my ability to do so.  Not that I’m not able, but that the context I’m in might not be one in which I can do more, and just have to take what’s there and make do.


It felt hard at first, but it was also freeing in a way, because … well, because of Make.Do.  This situation was the exact thing that brought Make.Do. from and idea to a physical thing, and is the reason that the venture is so named.  There’s a difference between having to make do and choosing to make do.  I’m glad to be on the path to the latter.  It’s going to be great!  I shot 18 product photos this weekend, with 16 more scheduled Wednesday – Friday.  All patterns are written and waiting for me to get the printer out of my trunk to scan and PDF them.  Meeting with building owner tomorrow night to hopefully get signatures on their respective dotted lines.  There is progress. Thank you for reminding me to live my motto.



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