You Just Call Out My Name

Feeling very grateful right now for my friends and family and people I only know online, who are also friends, and whom I hope to meet IRL one day.  The last two weeks were a slog, and after a day of working from home, when I thought I’d get scads done, I had an early morning email that sent me around the bend, and stymied my productivity.

So much so, I took a nap to dream it out!  The days are getting shorter, the light less bright, the air crisper, and the moods darker than they were in summer.  I felt it today, and let that email get a hold of my forward-looking spirit and turn it into a doubting and angry one.  That lunch nap, though … totally cleared it out.  Had a great meeting for Creative Mornings this afternoon, and on the way back, put a call out to my cheer squad just asking for some words of encouragement.

It took 3 minutes to get all the encouragement I needed!  Thank you, Mom.  Thank you, Pooja.  Thank you, Veronica. Here we go!


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