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That’s what I’m after, here.  I have the first knit-a-long for Make.Do. slated to start on Monday, 10/12 and couldn’t be more excited.  I am still having beaucoup problems with the website.  SquareSpace is great and I love everything about it, except my ability to use it, so I am hiring a real company to work on it.  (Yay! Rocketbike!)  The thing that stymied me — which was the most important thing, sadly — was figuring out the shopping cart.  No dig at SquareSpace.  I think that if my life were different and I were less inclined to treat myself to Saturdays full of Hart-to-Hart marathons, I could have figured it out.  But the weekend comes, and I find myself consistently hella tired, so need to watch Jennifer and Jonathan do their thing and solve those crimes!

I digress.  So, the October knit-a-long for Make.Do. is going to be administered through this blog and the Make.Do. Ravelry account, but going forward, it’ll happen on the Make.Do. site.  I am trying to get ahead of the game and plan for something cozy in November and something(s) gift-worthy in December.  The plan is to do a giveaway to the first 5 folks who join each knit-a-long, so they’ll get a kit for making the project from Chicago TextileWorks.  Bonanza!  I am asking for your help to determine which projects would be most fun/interesting.

Here are the November options:

All from the site. See below for details.

These are all from the site and free patterns for you to download.

The pullover is Pierrot, and is available here.

The hat is Droste, which you can find at this link.

The grey scarf is Henry (love a chevron, I do), and you can find the pattern here.

And, that gorgeous cowl is Sallah, which is here.

I’d like to post the November knit-a-long next week so I have time to source the yarn, get the colors the winners want and put the yarn boxes in the mail to the winners by the end of October, but I need your help!  Which one is the most appealing/interesting, do you think?  I’ll pick one extra winner from the responders to get a free kit, too!  Thanks for your opinions!

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