What a thing to live your life and try to be kind or at least not be a pure-D asshole as you go through it.  What a thing that some things you do that are little, inconsequential to you, or just part of your job are THE THINGS that a random person, somewhere, out there finds to be just appropriate and just timely and just the reminder that we are all, in fact, all in it together, no matter what anyone says.

Random love, accidental kindness, surprising friendships.  Oh. And, mmmm. They’re pulling me through hard times on the regular, and particularly this month, so I’d like to celebrate one that made me smile a bit tonight, if that’s okay.  Maybe it’ll put a smile on your face, too.

Bill, loved right back, and unexpectedly.

Bill, loved right back, unexpectedly, and as he should be.


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