Even when context changes or time marches on faster than we can keep up with it, having a plan — a thoughtful, true and aspirational plan — for your work/life way forward is the right thing. “A plan should be your enabler for purposeful action”, as told by Elliott Rawls in the 2015 Strategic Planning Summit earlier this week. Our space proposal got rejected today.  We can counter with a better contract, and will do so, but it’s not the end of the world.

No permanent space yet? No problem. It led Make.Do. to identify and partner with merchants and future neighbors to organize regular pop-up spaces for classes, patterns/tutorials and retail for the yarns and textiles our local/independent partners produce.  And both parties benefit from the collective power of more marketing dollars and sharing overlapping audiences.  I am thinking this should have been the strategy from the get-go!

And it’s working better than — and without the pressure of — paying a lease on a storefront and having to weather downtime. It’s a one-time risk for each partner, an events-focused way to build the brand where everyone gets some benefit, even if it’s intangible. Exciting times!  Thank you for hanging in!

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