Someone stop me

All kinds of slippers waiting to be sewn up, 14 kits for this month’s craft boxes to pack (and keeping the dog hair off of them is making me keeerrrrazzzzy), just-for-me-knitting on the Pickles garland sweater to do — ribbing in size 4 needles is not for the weak — and still trying to finish New Year’s gifts for my friends up north.  I feel kind of scared, which is why I don’t understand how I am about to try to figure out how to knit a Guraffalo.  For not my kid.  Wondering what exactly is wrong with me, but kind of happy that my particular brand of crazy results in cuddly sweaters, ridiculous stuffed animals, fancy scarves, color-work mittens and all kinds of quilts that I know will be handed down from mama to baby and baby to other baby.

At some point in the near future, if I keep knitting and sewing as I am, the whole planet will have some Blue Face Leicester and/or Kona Cotton in their DNA.  I’m trying to save the world!

Also, look at this and tell me you wouldn’t find a way to make it for a bub that loves the Guraffalo:

Via: mutton on Ravelry

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