Blame the Brief

Today was a good day. I caught up with a former colleague and friend and it really made me think about work, Make.Do. and stuff. I am going to quote her here:

” … I think you were among the few at [our former employer] who I remember showed up as a whole person — where the stuff you did outside fueled you on the inside.”

GURRRRRL, what?  Say it again. Two times, even. We have to change it up and think about what it means to bring people into the fold of our work or mission, or whatever it is. We are trying to be tribe-building, all of us. In life and in work. But, got a hole in your tribe?  You could– as apartment dwellers know — do some toothpaste spackling and move on. Or, you could leave it there as a reminder that you’re waiting for just the right filler. And if you choose the second — and best — option, it’s going to hurt. You will, we will, folks will have to step up, work late, and engage in ways that are uncomfortable. But, it will be okay if WE KNOW WHY.  What’s the purpose that drives the work, and why and how does what we’re doing make it happen, and support our culture?

If companies, entities, small businesses do, in fact, have their own cultures, maybe we should approach it like embassies do. Let’s invite folks in, rather than hire them. Let’s learn about their customs before we superimpose ours on them. Let’s deliver that same approach externally to our clients and customers. We are about to be family, y’all, so we gotta work some shizz out before the wedding because your mom hates my sister, and we don’t want a cake fight at the reception.

Untitled design (1)The WHOLE PERSON.  That’s the focus to have for our customers (Make.Do.) and our clients (real job) and for every interaction we have with the people who share space with us (staff).  It’s super easy to hate one thing about a person and blow it up into hating the whole person, and then their group affiliation and then … racism.

Whoops, I just went there, so let me bring it back to day to day. The WHOLE PERSON.  Big data, meta data, Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation … where I intended this post to go was talking about the challenges in understanding humans, people, messaging, marketing, influencing, doing-ing, and this great clarifying statement about the WHOLE PERSON. We gotta lotta data. But we don’t always look at it through the lens of the WHOLE PERSON.  What does the creative/strategic brief or the marketing plan or the launch plan look like with this complexity, and can we ever get it right?  Maybe close is okay. Suffice it to say, it’s important. I don’t know if I got any traction on the road with this start just now, but will leave it here as a thought-starter, as I just noticed that Russell Jenkins is hiding under the couch which makes me think he’s done something terrible, so I am going to go look for it and clean it up, or apologize to him for my suspicion.


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