Mind Mapping

I had no idea how powerful a tool this is for organizing all the info in our heads, and getting clarity about what’s important, what’s related, and building a plan for the steps that need taking in order to meet whatever goals we have for the day, the week, career, life … I am hooked.

Image from lifehacker article. Link below.

I read an article about it in my feed today and did some searching tonight for software to help me create one around career goals.  I used SimpleMind, and it’s a free app. In order to save your map, you’ll need to download it to your computer, too (not sure if that’s free as I haven’t tried it yet.) I’m the meantime, I just took a screenshot on my phone so I have it as a picture to refer to until I sort out the desktop situation.

In any case, I highly recommend trying if not the app, the process of mind mapping. Here is a good explanation of the idea. Happy mapping!

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