I am super not mad at the Chewbacca mask lady. At all. Whatever benefits she reaps from sharing that silliness, well, get it, girl. I had a stupid grin on my face every time (and there were lots of times) I watched that video.

Because I’ll take a little joy whenever and wherever I can. I spend more time than I should taking joy from bad people failing or getting caught doing their badness.

Chewbacca mom reminded me to do some Bill Cunningham in my life and look to the joy in others to spur my own, as opposed to waiting for the joyless to get their comeuppance.



I’m not evolved enough to say that the corners of my mouth won’t still twitch up a bit when a baddie gets it, but I do know that I have never sat myself in front of a screen grinning from ear to ear about that happening as I’ve done with Chewbacca mom. So, more joy, please. I’m ready.


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