It Has Come To This

This being that I found some gratitude in the fullness of my plate just now.

A friend of mine just texted me asking if I was okay. He said he could always tell when there were “things going on” and “changes on the horizon” when I started posting more on this blog and on Twitter. Funny that even when you don’t know it, people are looking out for you and reading between the lines, as it were. I am thankful to have people looking out.

Image from @DownRabbit_hole via Twitter.

This flurry, though, is a happy one and not a signifier of falling down the rabbit hole. Progress and productivity are on the upswing. So much so that I have to find ways to record everything I am supposed to do so that I don’t forget — especially about the things that give me life. So, yep, tweeting about yoga and peloton. Absolutely using Facebook and TeuxDeux to keep my work-work commitments top of mind. Pinterest and Instagram will continue to be lit up with Make.Do. projects and events.  And sometimes I have to talk about my Island of Misfit Pets and T.J. The Magnificent, because amidst all that work stuff, the gift of a giggle from time to time is everything!  This kid is alright, but thank you for looking out for me!


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