Make Time For Making

I’m about to be on the road for a while and looking to pack some comfortable-to-carry and might-get-done-in-the-airport projects with me.  Yes,  have that other sock I still need to make, but I sure would like a little adventure on my needles while I’m on mine.


I’m taking the Budgie sweater that I need to finish for a work colleague, and the made-up-pattern pink elephant sweater that a wee babe is going to get when she arrives sometime late this summer.  That one just needs steaming (thank you hotel, ironing board not covered in dog hair!) and seaming and it’ll be good to go.  But those are so near to being complete, I’m sure to need another little one that I can get done in a week. (<– that rhymes, by the way).

How’s about these?

Top Row:  Amanda Berry’s adorable Zebra and Giraffe (L) and Love Knitting’s Sheep (R)

Middle:  Self-striping socks by Frida Aberg

Bottom:  Petra Neumann’s stunner of a cowl

My rules were – no more than 2 colors required, lap appropriate and finish-able within a week.  (I know the stuffing for the animals might be an issue … I say, where there’s a will, there’s polyfill <– note, again, the rhyming.)  Happy Not Monday!


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