I don’t know if you know about Evelyn from the Internets, but the woman is fantastic and funny and sometimes poignant and all the time real.

And she has some advice for the millennial workforce that I came across today.  It’s all funny: “Nothing says entry level louder than stabbing a CapriSun pouch at your desk”. Guffawed, I did.


Click the link below for the video.

But Evelyn also had some nuggets of real world application in there — like taking notes for heaven’s sake, or showing up to set up for the meeting before it starts — that were, in their delivery funny, but also made me think.

I have no compunction about admitting that I struggle with finding the right way to motivate, reward, and teach my younger team members. That last one is a biggie, because, let’s be honest, they DO know more than me when it comes to social media, pho, and how to use my phone. That is a particular kind of knowledge and it has value, but since this isn’t a zero-sum game, there has to be room for other knowledge (and experience in the industry and just as a person who’s had more than one job), too.

I guess the big difference is the growth that happens over a career that provides a degree of self-awareness and makes spaces where if you don’t know something, it’s okay to say so — and ask somebody — rather than using a word salad to get air time in a meeting.  It takes time to get there, I guess. I am working on patience and trying to find a balance between servant leadership (which is my intent) and servitude (which is, more than I’d like, the outcome.).

Whew!  Work is hard when you have to do it with other people. I believe it’s worth it, though!  Everything I do in anticipation of lifting up another should also lift me up … and so on and so on and so on!


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