Via the Milana Yarns Site. Click the image for more.

Usually reserve the first half of my Saturday for GoT and VEEP from the previous week, if I am in town. But I had a lotta lotta lotta stuff to do today to get ready for travel … And BEYONCÉ next week.

It’s work travel (until QB on Sunday, 6/12), but trying to fit in some personal time, too, and inspiration for Make.Do.  So, stay tuned for reviews of — and purchases from:

Yarns at the Adobe  This one is a knitting/yarn store, so knitters, take note.

Nordic Mart  Another knitting/yarn shop.  The name alone has got me thinking about Lopi!

Beverly’s Fabrics Not sure if they have the Japanese fabrics/prints I am looking to source, but it looks like an interesting and community-minded shop!

I am still on the hunt for more shops and makers to visit, but happy to be off on a good start!  Happy Saturday!


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