Daddy Issues

I am grateful that I got the dad I did, and to have #theamazinglarrycox on speed dial and in communication with me every four hours on the daily (usually for questions about the Internet, or to provide unsolicited, but welcomed advice about my job, health, goals, job, dog management skills, job and life, plus some other things, but mostly my job).

He knows how much he means to me because I tell him all the time, and usually take his calls. I am lucky to have him.

And you guys know how great/hillarryious (<– see what I did there?) he is because I share his morning messages (as appropriate) all the time. So he got his shoutout from me already.

This one goes out to the dads whose kids don’t tell them enough how great they are, if they are. I get that not every father is a dad and that dadding is a skill that some don’t have. But if you do/are and feeling like no one has told you lately, your annoying amalgam of mommy-daddy DNA in the shape of a person who gets on your last damned nerve may have forgotten to tell you but they do appreciate you. They do. Maybe like this pudgy fellow’s kids.


Thank for sending your kids out into the world having known what crazy deep love is and making our interactions with them — whether or not they’re puppies– spectacular, even if you don’t hear it from their mouths just yet.

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