New Phone, Who Dis?

I am either in the upswing phase of an undiagnosed manic disorder, or have miraculously turned a corner today. Things are happening.

Kitchen cleaned and fridge defrosting; 2 pints of pimento cheese prepped for final mixing and jarring, – and not for me to eat!;  one gooey butter cake on the ready for my work woobie waiting for cream cheese to soften; 4 miles walked and 2 to go on the bike; 2 baby sweaters finished; one blanket started; one Gruffalo done, waiting for safety eyes to arrive tomorrow;  8 hours in a storytelling seminar done; suitcase unpacked and clothes in the laundry … the power of Grayskull? Maybe. Or maybe the inspiration from this weekend’s storytelling conference surrounded by people who are way better than I am, making me want to do more, better, faster. I will take either one.

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