I was all over it this weekend. Pimento-cheese-gift-making (no link because my recipe is MINE!)  gooey butter cake-baking, laundry-doing, organizing for life, and cleaning like the boss (as in #theamazingmeme) was watching — and let me pause here to say that EVERY drawer, cabinet and cubby in the kitchen and master bath got an interior purging and Pine-soling and the second bath and bedroom dresser are on the docket for tonight! It’s getting piney in here. I wish I had no nose. I am getting so high I wanna take my nose off. (You need to sing those last three sentences.)

That’s not me.  Although if it were, I would rejoice in my collarbones.  Via Getty.

I still have miles to go before I sleep, but feeling good about making progress towards giving my home life at least as much attention as I give to my client/work life. Back to salads-in-a-jar this week and a healthy breakfast to start each day, Peloton for sure, etc.  I put 2 fake meetings on my calendar over lunchtimes to allow me to get some yoga in as an add-on to the bike mid-week. So, you see here?  Feeling full of myself and ready to take charge.

LEDE, buried:  Which is why I was SO surprised when my neighbor just knocked on my door to deliver me a 20lb bag of dog food, which I guess I took out of the car and just left there, forgotten, while I unloaded the quinoa, kale, and almond milk I was planning to use to make my life better. And triple-dog-dare-you-can’t-make-this-up surprised to find that I had opened the door while wearing a big smile on my face, the cutest shirt I own and absolutely no pants.  Just …

The first step is admitting you have a problem. My problem is not having a personal assistant.


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