One Other Thing

I super hard miss my BF.   And in large part, it’s because I don’t have to talk to him. Because at the end of the day, I just want to sit with company and not be anything anyone expects me to be. Just a hand on the small of my back while we cook (something terrible, usually — even if you call them aubergines, which I do because I am a jerk, they taste like the poison dirt sacks they are and no amount of Parmesan can fix evil), mean mugging over Madden Football, or laughing at RJ trying to claim his stake on me as HIS person when Nacio tries to boss him. We know who runs the world around here. And we don’t have to talk about it because it just fits  and we get it and … Nap time!!  Whoop!

Here’s to Not Monday comin’ up on us.


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