July Kits for Make.Do. are … well, they’re kind of underway.  Waiting for one more box of ingredients to arrive tomorrow.  But here’s a sneaky-peaky:

The sewing subscribers are getting fat quarters.  I know, I know, but they’re the best kind of fat quarters, because the prints are from Charley Harper.

Click here the link to the Charley Harper Studio and see more of his work.

So, get ready for a bigger-than-usual surprise in your kit.  And, pull out your thimbles, because we’re going to be hand-tying our work.  I am working on a tutorial video to accompany the kit, because if you haven’t hand-tied before, there are some good hacks I’d like to share. I hope to have it done and up on the site by Saturday!

The knitting kits, though!  Those are really going to blow your mind.  And mine, because my first order has been delayed, so we might have to do some stitch-witchery to find something as engaging and exciting as the sewing kits.  Or … and, I know, it’s like Lannisters vs. … well everyone who’s not a Lannister up in here when we talk about knitting vs. sewing vs. crocheting vs. weaving, but wait and see, trust and see.  I gotcha and we’re gonna make it work.

Zig and zag when the arrows are coming for you!  Happy Little Friday Eve!


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