Reading is Fundamental

One of my old guard responded to a post on FB I wrote about receiving this book in the mail this week.  She asked if I was reading the print version or the ebook.  She works for one of my favorite imprints, Penguin, and is a smart cookie (and a ginger, my favorite) who knows her stuff when it comes to good writing.  

She also works in the ebook division, so I know, and she knows, she has a point of view about this stuff.  I told her:

I know I should be more of the world as opposed to being just in it, but I remain a Luddite with Technophile tendencies. When I’m traveling, I spend the few days beforehand downloading books and movies on my various devices. Largely so I have content to keep me occupied and can look engaged with something and therefore choose whom I talk to in airports and at depots. But, when I’m home — or, when the book is about food or cloth or rich in that way that books can be — I need to hold it in my hand. I don’t bring my hardcovers with me on travels, even if I have to leave when I’m at the good part. There are some I need to touch at home and in safety, and that need my touch, too.

This Little Friday has been a shit show to end all shit shows.  I mean:


I screwed up at work.  I screwed up at home.  I screwed up my exercise.  I had spaghetti with cream of chicken soup sauce for dinner.  But, tomorrow is BFP, and I have a new book to touch, and smell and get to feel the weight of it in my hands.  And that is okay.


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