Big Friday Proper

What is going on in the world this week?

#Scotus has been like the best magic show ever this week — no idea what the trick is until it surprises you and you get scared and leave with your 2 drink minimum unused;

#Brexit, the thing no one cared about (and didn’t believe would happen) until it happened;

#Scotus again because we all know from little league that a tie is stupid;

#Hamiltonlottery still not working out for me;

#Entitlement as evidenced by the fact that I included a lack of Hamilton tickets on the list of things that are wrong with the world this week …  but let’s blame…

#TheParents for raising a generation of folks who feel that showing up is worthy of an award, and everyone’s opinion matters all the time, and should be voiced. Nope. #listensometimes


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