It Would Be Funny…


I sometimes like to imagine my life is being filmed, like in The Truman Show. How else to explain the tragicomedy every day. Like:

100% on losing my luggage, American Airlines. They are three for three on my last three trips in     the last two months.

Killing an innocent bird with my rental car in California.

Spending 2x my rent in dog boarding for work travel this month.

Desginated driving all week preventing me from  participating in wine country events in CA (but also, my ulcer).

Full on stepping on a dead rat in the Vons’ parking lot in broad daylight.

Diet (or, okay, lifestyle plan, not diet) ruined by being trapped in DFW and SFO for a total of 8 hours. I actually bought a sandwich just so I could pick off the cheese and pickles to eat as a pretend first course.

Witnessing the effect of free wine on my colleagues, and saddened that they know not their limits. When did we stop teaching the 1 drink- 2 water play?

User error. Two tutorials filmed last week for Make.Do.  Only have one, because of my rudimentary understanding of the camera I bought myself in last year’s sad birthday.

Russell Jenkins. Enough said.

Peanutbutter Jones. See above.

Spending a three-day weekend working so that the 4 days to come are manageable.

I am taking all this week’s crazy and using my angst as fuel for next week — pitching to Rishi Tea for a partnership on the Make.Do. space, re-writing the business plan, looking for more side-gig opportunities … Here we go!


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