Happy 4th of July

Independence Day!  (Depending on where you live, I guess and your status or non-status as a citizen).  It’s so complicated and full of angst, this holiday, so I am choosing to celebrate it as Charred Foods Day.  If you are a vegan, no problem.  Char up some aubergines on the grill.  Pescatarians, get after some salmon.  Vegetarians, well, you know what to do.

This isn’t a holiday that we celebrate thoughtfully, so I’m happy to take a break from being my best self and revel in the baser desires I have around cheese and wine and napping during the day time.  I full on get that independence is a thing and a thing we should celebrate, but post-BREXIT and current-TRUMPness have me in the mindset of celebrating this 4th of July with a couple of hours of Netflix, some scriggle time with Russell Jenkins, and filming knitting tutorials for Make.Do. all day.  #freedom


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