Will Work for Pay

I’m in the middle of  interviewing.  Working through a search for a good partner for the Make.Do. space, and some candidates to fill a couple of positions at my job.  And. I. Am. So. Tired. Of. The. Fakery. It happens on both sides of the table, asking  the same silly questions about “Tell me a time when …” and putting on our jargon translators.

If they made it past the screening with the resume (for candidates), or provenance (for partners), they have the chops, they’re probably okay, maybe smart, and for sure have the experience/qualifications we’re looking for, so that’s enough. I want to know about the PERSON.

I’ve stopped asking the standard questions, and have to say it’s thrown the potential partners and respondents for a loop, as much as that’s not my intent. I just asked an applicant last week, “Imagine you’re coming home from a hard day at work, and it’s a Wednesday, so you’ve two more days to go. You open the door. What’s the best possible thing you could see when you step inside? What’s the worst thing?”

Or, this one:  “What’s the FIRST thing you’ll do when you win the $400 Million Powerball? What would your speech be on the day they give you that giant cardboard check and film it for posterity?”

Or, this pair, which I have to say, just gives us both a giggle at first, and then opens folks up in ways that a standard interview question won’t:  “When is the last time someone was mean to you and what did you do in response?  What did you WANT to do? What about when someone surprised you with unexpected kindness?  How did that feel for you?  Have you done anything to make that feeling happen for someone else?  What was that like?”

I have no idea how this is going to work out, but it’s fun meeting people and learning about them in the process.  Cross your fingers for me. Happy #littlefridayeve


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