Well, Now We Know

One of the myriad (but less important, of course) outcomes of the sad state of affairs in America right now is that social media gives everyone the freedom to say what they couldn’t or wouldn’t say out loud with their mouths, or in front of their friends and colleagues, but still in a very public way.  It helps us get to know each other, and for that, I am super grateful.  Especially when we don’t agree, but take time to respond thoughtfully to thoughtful posts.

But, also, it sure as heck helps with my 2016 Mission to De-Clutter.  If I can’t do it with my apartment, I at least have the satisfaction of doing it online.  Because some folks said some stuff in my feed that was the exact opposite of thoughtful — dumbful?  Hateful? Either way, they went to places that I didn’t know still existed, where vitriol must be in the drinking water and the national past-time is Word Dodgeball.  My pointer finger is tore up from all the blocking I did today.  But, thanks for letting me know on Big Friday Proper.

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