Easy to Start, Hard to Finish

Oh, Babette.  That blanket.  We’ve all tried it with those little 50-yards here and there of yarn  left over from all our sock knitting, haven’t we?  And, as knitters, we sometimes forget how much faster projects grow when they’re crocheted.  Then we pick up the single needle and get started and … minds blown!   That’s why we all love Babette.

Image from ravelry.com where you can also get the pattern.

I mean, look at that.  And love it.  Until you look at a ziploc bag full of squares and think to yourself, “What have I done?”  I gotta sew one up for a baby shower (I KNOW I have enough squares, though!) tomorrow.  I’d also intended to sub Babette in for two wedding quilts (well, at this point, one of those would be an anniversary quilt, @krystlecameron!) but I already have those pieces cut and if I focus I think I’ll get the quilt tops done by Sunday.


Unless I go mad from weaving in those Babette ends!  Good news is, I’ll forget how fiddly all that weaving in and ends maintenance was next time I get on a plane, because I can knock out half a blanket on the way to California!

Next week:

  1. Finishing Amelia’s Elephant Sweater (I’m writing the pattern for that one, too!),
  2. Finally finishing the Gruffalo (I just found it in my suitcase!  I thought I’d already given that one away.  I need an assistant, because bullet-journaling is more work than I can handle), and …
  3. Starting in on Fox Sox for a work colleague.

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