Sunday Playlist

It’s the day before it all starts again.  Here’s some music to wake to, shake to, get moving and happy to.  We got the whole day to get ready for the next, so here are 15 songs, and you should play them in this order, to get us started.  The journey goes like this:

  • Songs 1 – 4:  Happy, it’s a new day, here we go, we love our friends and family and yummy yum yum
  • Songs 5 – 7:  We got this. About to rule the world.  Get thee behind us, Satan (or self-doubt).
  • Song 8:  But we need a break and friends and fam close, or just some time alone and peaceful before the week starts
  • Song 9:  Remembering easier times …
  • Song 10:  That were also fun …
  • Songs 11-12:  Feeling some kind of way about tomorrow …
  • Songs 13 – 14:  But, really, we got this.
  • Song 15:  So, go to sleep with this sweet melody
  1. Nina Simone:  Here Comes the Sun
  2. Frank Sinatra:  That’s Life
  3. Stevie Wonder:  I Wish
  4. James Taylor:  Your Smiling Face
  5. Stevie Wonder:  Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing
  6. Queen Bey (Sorry Fellas):  Who Run the World
  7. Missy (Only using her first name, because you know):  Where They From?
  8. James Taylor:  Up on the Roof (I kind of miss NY every time I hear this.
  9. Kurtis Blow:  If I Ruled the World (Indeed, I did go way back for this one.)
  10. Sugarhill Gang:  Rappers’ Delight
  11. Hozier:  Take Me to Church (I know, but that chorus … sorry.)
  12. Adele:  Make You Feel My Love  (I hope someone wants to give you all their love.)
  13. Rihanna (and T.I., ugh):  Live Your Life
  14. The Script (and  Hall of Fame
  15. Gregory Porter:  Lion’s Song

Love – j


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