Not Monday

The 6th best day of the week is upon us.  For those new to the fold, it goes like this:

  • You say “Sunday”, we say “Pre-Monday”, and it clocks in at #5
  • You say “Monday”, we do, too.  It’s ranked  #-8M + a stick in the eye and diarrhea
  • You say “Tuesday”, we say “Not Monday”, and it’s  #6
  • You say “Wednesday”, we say “Little Friday Eve”.  It’s  #4
  • You say “Thursday”, we know it as “Little Friday”, the  #3 day of the week.
  • You say “Friday”, we call him “Big Friday Proper”, weighing in at #2
  • You say “Saturday” with no irony, when we all know it’s “Nap Day” for  #1

Write it down so you don’t forget.  And, here’s a mnemonic device (spelled that correctly on the first try, thank you) to help you remember everything you need to know about Not Monday.

  • No
  • One
  • Thinks
  • More
  • Onerously
  • Negatively &
  • Dangerously
  • About
  • You

The “You” refers to Not Monday, not you. T-minus 24 hours until on the road trip pix start appearing on Instagram.  I got snacks.  I got podcasts.  I got a tiny rental car.  I got plans!

I'll Miss You while I'm gone ... sort of.jpg






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