Toot, Toot, Hey! Beep, Beep!

That’s the sound of the horn working on this Fit from Hon-on-da. Well, don’t you know, that’s the sound of the horn, working on this small car.  (Sorry, Mr. Cooke.)

I stole this picture from Cnet, because I can’t find my phone.  Again.

It’s so cute and not what I’m used to at all, because I drive a meaty German SUV, but this little vegan cutie-patootie is gonna carry me around Charleston over the next few days on way less gas and with a new perspective on merging.  Thanks, Enterprise!  (No sarcasm, I think this is gonna be fun.) Can’t merge like a bully if you’re a tiny, teal cutie. And that’s about to be the name of the photo album for this trip, right there!

Wish me luck, no police stops (because, my mouth, you know, and my 2016 Resolution of no jail time this year …or worse), and that I get to share some great/inspirational/downright funny quotes and stories collected from #theamazingmeme and #theamazinglarrycox over the next few days.  I believe it’s gonna be stellar.

Toot, toot!


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