99 Bottles of Beer …

Image shenanigans:  thegoodshoppingguide.com

346 emails on the wall, 346 emails. Click on one, and mark that one done.  345 emails on the wall.

It was SOOO good to be (kind of) gone for a bit.  My vacation plans are regularly thwarted by work encroaching not because I’m a victim, but because I let it.  But I planned for that work-creeping this time and took a pre-travel vacation day where I could still do work and participate in meetings, but remotely, while I did the prep for traveling that I should have done previously but that I couldn’t because I was really AT work all the time.  Oh, adulthood.  You’re the worst.

Charleston was amazing.  The city, I mean. The conference was okay — rich in networking, but not as much in content (for me, at least, but I’ll admit, I wasn’t the target of the proceedings and kind of shoe-horned my way in.)  The city, though:  crepe myrtles, palm trees, more madras than is warranted up north (or anywhere), “y’all”, a critical mass of brown folks (and by that, I’m talking real diversity, not pockets of ethnicities here and there), history, heat, the Charleston City Market, flip-flops, polo shirts, trolleys, the Citadel, the magnolia trees, biscuits, grits, seagrass baskets, REAL quilts … I’m hooked.

Bonus:  I got to experience it with #theamazingmeme and #theamazinglarrycox, who also had a great time, and whose quotes I will share with you under separate cover.  They were epic. There was a moment on Friday morning at breakfast when we all laughed so hard that I’m sure I have a hernia.  #worthit 

I cherish the opportunity this trip gave me to be in another place; to engage with some really smart cookies and participate in discussions with them; to learn stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know; and, to meet some folks who changed it up for me and who are changing it up for the world.  That’s enough.  Here comes Monday and a host of stuff that’s pressing up against me/us now that the work-week funnel is open, and the political and social unrest I missed while away that has been waiting for me in my feeds is all “Here I am!  Get sad!”.  I should have waited until the morning to jump back in. But, I couldn’t help myself.   So, yep, I jumped in it and this water’s cold tonight, but I expect I’ll get acclimated to it in a bit — and use the swimming skills I got this weekend — enough to keep my head above water.  Here’s hoping you do, too!  See you on MONDAY!



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