You Say Tomato …

You say Fiona, I say Amelia …

This, right here:


Given the number of projects on the needles, you’d think it’d be stupid to start another. Color me stupid.  I took a lot of WIPs with me to Charleston:  The Gruffalo, the Amelia Cardigan (so excited that it’s the first published Make.Do. design!), the Babette Blanket … but I did not take any of the needles I needed to work on those, so, whomp, whomp.

I did, however, accidentally take yarn and needles that I needed to work on the small size of a commission project.  And, instead of working on that commission project (it’s not due until September 30th, so I’m good not to start until September 28th because I like being a crazy person),  it occurred to me that the newest addition to my friend family could use not just the Amelia Sweater (see above re: why that’s so great!), but the Fiona Top as well.  In Madeline Tosh, Coquette.


Because I had size 3mm needles, and some pretty pink yarn, and I was just sitting on the hotel couch, and because I needed my fingers to be busy so my mind would follow, and … well …  Happy Monday!

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