A Thought

One of my dear, far-flung friends, tagged me in a Facebook post last week with a song. She said it’d come up on her playlist and that every time she hears it, she thinks of me.  I was surprised by the song, but happy that such a fun/happy/party/friendly song put her in mind of me.  Here it is:

Screenshot 2016-07-19 18.43.20.png

Click here to play it.  You might need to take a minute to dance, tho.

Okay, are you back?  I’m glad that someone I know thinks of me when they hear that fun song.  It made me happy.  Playing With My Friends was just the thing I needed at just the right time to put some perspective all over the place in a world gone mad.  It made my day — my month, even — to know that someone miles away heard something that made them think of me in a joyous way.

… and it got me to thinking about all the times during the day or the week that little things remind me of friends–far-flung or nearby–and family. Those little remembrances often just mark a moment in my day and I move on to regular life and work, but am I missing something by not sharing those moments with the folks who inspired them?  I think I might be, and they might be, too.  A little pick-me-up is just the thing for LFE, methinks.

So, I’m adding an activity to the Little Friday Eve ritual of puppy/kitten/baby elephant/babies falling down/babies eating lemons imagery that has been the standard for the holiday.  I hope the Board of Week agrees with this movement (and I think they will, right, Meaghan, Nancy & Pooja?).  From this day forward, on each weekly LFE, in addition to the cute, I suggest that we also add some good, and take the time to pick a person.  Just one — or it could be more, if you’re so inclined. During the course of the day, it’s likely that some little thing, a snippet of a song, hearing a random stranger laugh, a joke, something you see on the street or in the office, graffiti, something from BuzzFeed, even, puts you in mind of someone who would probably love to know that you’re thinking about them and that the thought made you smile.  So, let’s share that, too.  Every LFE, a cute picture for the world, and a fond remembrance for a friend/family/acquaintance. That’s easy, right?

I’ll start with a reciprocal post for the friend who tagged me, Meaghan.  So, M, here’s to you.  A couple of times a day, I encounter this giant 4′ x 5′ portrait that hangs in my bedroom.  I saw it in a magazine as part of a room tableau for some design/home decor publication.  I researched the stylist who put me in touch with the artist, then negotiated with him to buy it instead of paying my rent and student loans one month because I had to have it.  The portrait came on a rolled up canvas in a shipping tube from Morocco, and took 3 weeks to get to me.  When I took it to get framed, the whole staff came out to look at her, and one of the guys said to me, “I don’t care how much you paid for this.  It was worth it.” She is, aside from my pets, the most important thing that resides in my home.  I named her Gina.  Here she is:


And, yep, I know that you are exactly the opposite of a woman of color, for a host of reasons, not the least of which being that I’ve seen what happens to you when the sun hits your pale, pale skin, tomato-face.  But, the thing about it is her spirit, or at least how I see it in this portrait.  It’s not everyday, mind you, but often enough that I walk by her visage and she reminds me of you, and maybe a bit about my first heady and crazy days in NY at GA, then Edelman.  She’s happy where she is, but looking just across the room at another group of folks who are having fun, too, and knows she could jump over there and share her joy with them, and have theirs make hers even more.  So, there you go.  Gina reminds me of you in the best possible way.  Taking joy where joy lives and making joy where it’s not there yet.  That’s something, right there.

Let’s see who’s up next week!

Happy Little Friday Eve, folks!

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