Little Friday

That’s all I got.  This week … can just go pound sand.  Seriously.  The best thing about it is that Little Friday has arrived, and we have a few short hours until Big Friday Proper.

Until then, here’s to Little Friday the THIRD BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!

Friday starts a month of giveaways on the site — it’s been a while, right?   Sponsors have ponied up for gift cards from Visa, Panera, Target, Petsmart, Macy’s and Kroger so far. That’s a giveaway a week, so we’ll start on Friday, 7/22, which will take us through August. Then, September’s giveaway is going to be amazing (unless you’re not a knitter in which case, don’t enter because you wont’ like it).  Wollmeise.  Sourced from store itself.  Two skeins per week until November.  I know, right?

We’re starting now, though so this week’s Gift from The Man comes from Panera. It’s a gift card in the amount of $35, which is enough for 3 salads (I highly recommend the fuji apple salad, replace grilled chix with chicken salad and then do a dance of thanks while you eat it because, yum. And, they didn’t pay me to say that.  It’s the truth.).

If you wanna win, you gotta check in tomorrow for entry info.  You don’t have to give any personal information or fill out a survey.   It’s going to be a first PM/DM with the right answer to a ridiculous question who wins the prize, and I’ll never talk to you again afterwards!  Promise.


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