So, here it is – the first giveaway in the series I have from Make.Do. Some cool brands have ponied up some cool gifts and I wish I were motivated enough to build a few online profiles so that I could win. Aside from that being unethical, though, I am just too lazy.

So, as I said in the original post, we’re going to do this fair and square, and the first person with the correct answer to the quiz question below will win a $35 gift card to Panera.

Here we go.  This one is for the knitters — or maybe anyone who cheats by using Google:

If you are knitting a cuff-down sock you stop a few inches before decreasing to account for the length of the sock by looking at what part of the foot?  (It has a name!  And clue:  you have two of them on your body.)

DM me via the Make.Do. Facebook page ( and the first of you to get it right can enjoy eating clean at Panera for a couple of meals.  Good luck!



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