Weekend … Hot

It’s hot.  It’s super hot. It’s lay on the couch with an icepack hot.  Been working on work-work since 7am today, but now I’m up for a break. When it’s this hot, though … can’t go outside for a walk, can’t take the dogs to the park because … they are going to burst into flames. We’re still sweating with the thermostat set at 68.  What to do?  What to do?

Maybe lean into it.  I’m going to eat some soup, have a cup of tea and put on a sweater so I can pretend it’s Chicago winter up in here and give the rest of this day up to comfort.  There’s always tomorrow.  Spreadsheets are always waiting.  That dirty kitchen is still gonna be there.  I’m all in for fake nesting on the couch while I read knitting patterns instead of making them, and napping a bit.

I hope your weekend is tremendous!  Happy Sabado Gigante!


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