LFE, July 27

In keeping with the plan to add something more substantive to the celebration of Little Friday Eve, this week’s “You Remind Me” goes out to Darnell Moore. (But I’m still posting puppies on Facebook.)

It’s this, from Gregory Porter.  This song always reminds me of Darnell, and Aimee and Bryan and Tyneshia and the gift I have of them in my life doing the work that I am neither brave enough, nor socially smart enough to do.  Be the change you want to see in the world?  I would love to be strong enough to do so, but so happy that they are here making it happen for me and you and all of us:   asking the hard questions; working on the ground; making a difference in ways that are more meaningful and more tangible than what many of us are able to do just yet.  I am awed on the regular that I know people whose passions and activism have a direct influence on not just my life, but on the lives of people — strangers, but still family of a sort — around the world.

This week, it’s a song for Darnell Moore.  I have the Gregory Porter playlist on repeat all day, every day in the office (they don’t get it)  or at home when I’m working, and it never fails to get me out of my head, and sometimes up off my seat, when I hear this one.  This little remembrance/moment for me is about NYC and about community and about finding time away, even if it’s just up on the roof, where it’s peaceful as can be, and where the world below can’t bother me, or you, Darnell … just for a while, until you get back to the work you do that’s so important. So, don’t stop.   Love, J.


Screenshot 2016-07-19 19.38.19.png

Click here to hear it.  And calm your heart for the next thing.


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