Night Shift

I am thinking about getting a second job. A weekend one would work, or weekends plus a couple of evenings during the week, but not more than that. I don’t need the money (because I just bought the winning MegaMillions ticket, y’all!), but I do need a kind of forced march into calm and walking around and different.

So what about a couple of days a week at Barnes & Noble?  I mean, the more I have to get done, the more I get done.  A little more push could equal a whole lot more progress.  On the banjo, on Make.Do./Chicago TextileWorks, on BlackGirlsCode, on living a better, healthier life …

Stack Of Books

It could be just the thing. I worked the weekend and evening shift at B&N in Charlottesville when I was in grad school doing a dual MBA/JD degree, and it was super hard, but also everything to me. (I put that dual degree thing in there not to make you think I’m smart, but because it highlights the reason I needed the outlet I found in words and books and people.) It was a chance to get away from torts law and B-school  posturing from the finance dudes and all those spreadsheets (the latter of which still continue to plague me today), to visit with folks, to feel smart about books, to know what’s coming out and where the cultural zeitgeist is leaning, to discuss writing, to share a turn of phrase from Donna Tartt’s “The Little Friend” that  moved me and the visitor and continues to make my heart pucker a bit all this time later, to READ books … and then to be able to walk around in that house of books, to be moving all the time, touching things, carrying things, introducing people to things, and to have those things remind me of my love of the word and reading  and sharing all over again. I think I’m gonna do it, or at least try because I surely do miss being part of a bookstore, talking about words with people I get to know who are interested in ideas and not just opinions, and me, enjoying the smell of print on paper promising adventures I will never have, but get to experience nonetheless.

I find great release in making — the BSK soaps, the CTW Kits, the Make.Do. products & patterns, and sourcing for suppliers … I love and look forward to that work, but it’s going okay enough that I’ve become lazy about the future.  I am weak when it comes to getting after myself for pushing forward with those things that could change my life and bring me consistent inspiration and joy.  I get antsy and anxious and highly productive every once in a while, but it’s not enough to sustain any real movement.  The regular pressure from day-to-day work  has become expected, too, so I’m looking for both inspiration and new pressure to move me forward.   So, job #2, hmm?

Plus, truth here, I need a reason to keep moving at the end of the day or when Saturday would otherwise have me couching and spreadsheeting and Netflixing.  My Peloton bike is great, but it’s just me and the imagined road or online class, and so sometimes it’s not enough. Biweekly weekends should still see me fun/friend/east coast traveling, but the off weeks could be better spent, I think.   With books, maybe. We’ll see.


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