Little Friday Shake

By now, we’ve all seen the Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke video, right?  No?  Okay, well, here you go:

Screenshot 2016-07-26 23.23.31.png

That was great, right?  And if you have any good sense, demographics and politics aside, I think we can all agree that Stevie Wonder is the shit.

This post took me three hours to write because I had to get up and dance, and fall off my stool when some clapping thing I was doing went wrong.  I mean.  Stevie Wonder. Transcends. So, I’ll figure out a happy, fluffy post for LF in a little bit, but to start the day, let’s not worry about a thing, because everybody’s got a thing, but some don’t know how to handle it…Dance break.

if you didn’t click on that link, I’ll wait.  Do it.  Now.

And now you might be tired from dancing around your desk, living room, in your car because that is the best, move your butt, celebrate song I know.  So after all that, maybe you could use a song that you can relax-dance to.  I made up relax-dance, but you know what I mean.  Just as time moves on from the beginning and  the seasons know just when to change, this one’ll make you want to hug your boss, unless I am your boss, in which case, how did you find this blog?  Don’t hug me.

If you want to keep a Stevie Wonder Little Friday going, here you go:

  • For Once In My Life
  • Love’s in Need of Love Today (not dancing, but relevant)
  • Superstition (because .. it’s scary … and we should dance that shizz out!)
  • I’m Yours (thank you FLOTUS for reminding us how great this song is!)
  • Sir Duke  (Take your headphones off and turn this one up so your officemates hear.)
  • My Cherie Amor (We all know what this does to our feels at that chord change.  Oh!)
  • Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of out of sorts, so this one got me.  Not the most danceable song, but still.
  • Ribbon in the Sky  (Okay, last sad one)
  • Isn’t She Lovely  (And aren’t you?  Dance as if this song were about you because as far as I know you, you are lovely and loved, and I’m dancing with you on this one.  Tell yourself that if if you need to, and count on me to tell you, too. Because I will)

Happy Little Friday!




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