I’m a Travelin’ Man

Except I’m a lady, not a man.  Looking forward to a day away in Alexandria.  And there must be something in the air, because everyone I’ve talked to over the last couple of days has a bit of the wanderlust in them right now.  Could be the heat.  Could be the back-to-school marketing messages already starting up.  Whatever it is, we all seem to want to go somewhere.  I hope this little trip is just the start of the rest of 2016 seeing me on the road.

I have a good start:  Alexandria, Pfaffenhofen, New York and Los Angeles all before September starts.  I hope to keep that up through the end of the year.  We’ll see.

And so, in the spirit of moving my/our feet and meeting new people, tasting new foods, hanging out with “new locals”, this prompt for traveling caught my eye today:

Screenshot 2016-07-29 21.18.54.png

So, yeah, this is a scatch-off poster  about books, but what greater traveling companion is there than a good book to meet you on your way?  Scratch them off as you read them on your journeys and write about how those words spoke to you along the way, maybe?  But, if you want to get literal (<– oh, see what I did there?) you can also buy this one from UncommonGoods:

Screenshot 2016-07-29 21.29.02.png

As was said to me, and I like to repeat:  You can lead, you can follow.  It doesn’t matter much, as long as you go.  Happy Travels!  See you on Sunday!


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