The Devil You Know

Banjo lesson today = call to prayer for my FB and WordPress and Make.Do. friends.

Lo these many days have I been beset upon by the torment and tribulations of the spreadsheets. This humble servant has been remiss in her devotion to her calling, and has ashamedly succumbed to the lure of the MicrosoftOffice Suite and all its temptations for spreadsheeting.

This servant, brothers and sisters, is weak. She is weak of heart and lacking in conviction, so her head and heart were turned from the true work before her.

And so, I ask you, brothers and sisters, to pray for your friend. She needs you now more than ever, brothers and sisters. We must pray, brothers and sisters. Not for her redemption, not for  a renewed attention to practice, no. Brothers and sisters, I need you to pray that her instructor, Erwin, gets a flat tire on the way to today’s  banjo lesson, because your sister has been terrible at practicing this week. Amen.


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