Little Friday Eve Celebrant

I’m trying to keep this Little Friday Eve Celebration a thing.  I like the idea of having one day a week where we pay attention to the smallest things and attach them to larger memories/people/events that make us grateful.  This week, breaking a trend!  The thing that reminded me and got me doing a happy dance isn’t a song!  It’s this book:



I have this book on a shelf in the living room and will admit to pulling it down to read it from time to time.  I was leaving the house this morning for work, and it was sticking out a bit from the others because I hid some knitting I was working on behind the books so the cat would leave it the holy meatballs alone.  I pushed it in (because I’m 1% neat.  The rest of the place = disaster) and with that little touch of my finger on the book’s spine, I got the gift of carrying Lyle with me during my commute.

And that act put me in mind of, who else but #theamazingmeme. She’s credited with raising two daughters who absolutely love the written word, teaching and learning.  I remember a famous forced march (not because we didn’t want to be there, but that was a long ass walk.  We drove afterwards.) to the Pleasant Ridge Library, and the time my sister and I spent there, nestled in the laps of soft, powdery ladies who read to us, or once we were older, having the privilege of picking out our own books to carry home with us for the week.  I remember Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile as one of my favorites then, and it continues to stay with me now.

Maybe it’s the message about tolerance (I mean, Mr. Grumps, get over yourself) or maybe it’s just the story of a little kid and his family loving a pet that gets me.  Either way, it’s all wrapped up in the bow that is my mom and this week’s Little Friday Eve prompt is dedicated to her.  Happy LFE!



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