Little Friday Finds

Just as LFE now has the added “Celebrate a Big Person with Little Things” aspect, maybe, I thought, Little Friday could use a tune-up, too.

We’ll get  the requisite puppy/baby/cutie post up here, because we all need it come Little Friday.  This week’s added bonus, though … well, it’s not a puppy/baby/cutie, but something that’ll make us think just as much about joy and love and peace, but as those things impact how we treat ourselves.  As many of you know, Mitchell has been appointed the Steward of the Pix for Little Friday Eve (SPLFE), but he had one this week that was just the thing for Little Friday.  I think it’ll get you going.  Aside: that was some cultish language right there, right?  You know what I meant. Anyone can, at any time, post whatever s/he would like as it relates to Monday, Not Monday, Little Friday Eve, Little Friday, Big Friday Proper, Sabado Gigante, or Sunday.  We’re all in charge.  Like Charles – not Scott Baio, but the character he played on TV … where, I guess Charles was in charge of nothing.  This is getting complicated.

So, anyway, here’s something Mitchell shared, that I thought was a good one for this week’s Little Friday:


That sounds great, right?  Just the thing to wash off the past 3, and get ready for the next 2. All hail Mitchell, Bringer of Light.  (Totally kidding, because… well, see previous cult joke.)

But, we probably still need to pay homage to the original purpose of Little Friday, which is to bring joy in the celebration of cuddly cute baby animals, laughter at animals of any size that get themselves into non-dangerous, but still wacky predicaments, and full on dancing with joy over videos of babies eating lemons for the first time.  So:


That’s a Hyrax pup.  S/he falls into the category of “cute baby animals for Little Friday”. And it is totally okay to want to snatch that snugglepup up and carry her/him around in your shirt pocket as a secret little squee for the day.   Try to find your human equivalent of a Hyrax on this Little Friday and secret them away in your pocket/fanny pack/car trunk — no, this is NOT a cult, do not do that —  and go have an ice cream together.  Happy Little Friday!

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