Today begins a move from “Immaboutoo”, to “Iaminnit”.  I forgot to check the ‘Is Mercury in Retrograde’ site these last couple of weeks, but it must have been. Because … whew are things weird and harder than they should be right now.

Big Friday Proper is as good a day as any to begin the work of tightening up my shizz–literally and figuratively. Mercury, you minx, do what you will, but I have the power of lists, my mind map, my bullet journal and colorful pens on my side to get some stuff done. But actually, I am just going to use the lists, because that other stuff … Not necessary to get shizz done.

  • Scheduled Peloton rides for the rest of the month.
  • Devised a plan for finishing all six knitting WIPs  and 2 crochet WIPs by 8/15. (There’s a baby coming!)
  • Promised to be on supply purchasing lockdown. No more yarn, equipment, fabric or tools for the next 60 days. Use what’s at hand, I will, and get it done.
  • Product finishing — as in sewing labels, taking photographs and writing up patterns for 1 sweater, 2 hats and 1 cowl have timelines to get them done in the next 60 days to go on the Make.Do. site.
  • Wrote a room-by-room declutter list for having the homestead move ready by September 1.
  • Promised to start next phase on September 1.

That’s a lot to do, and I would normally do a whole “this is how you fix everything at once” list, but it’s taken me the last 10 years to learn that those don’t work. Small chunks. Manageable pieces. It’s doable. Holding my feet to the fire by posting my Peloton stats every day  I ride starting Monday, and pix of FOs as they get done. #keepingithonest #ycdi #icdi


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