Love Surprise

I am so grateful for the friends I have. I cherish the real ones, even though we may not be close in the relationship sense of the word. Rather, I mean, they are people I know who are REAL. Folks who are genuine and whose exploits and stories give me hope, inspiration, jealousy sometimes, and the best kind of laughter (which is the kind that doesn’t involve shaming folks who are different, but usually results from Halloweens-gone-wrong or babies with lemons. That last one never gets old.)

Many of those REAL folks have beautiful children and I think it’s generous of them to share their pictures and videos of those littles– dancing, falling, laughing, failing and trying. I imagine the images and videos are shared with every good intent. And so, believe that the least I can do is to respond with the same. Every post I see of those “friend and family” moments gets at least a ‘like’, if not a ‘like’ and comment, because I would love for the little girl or boy I ‘know’ now to grow up one day and find a cache of supportive and encouraging messages, heartfelt good wishes, and love in some ancient FB feed from a random person who was/is rooting for them.

Amelia, Grayson, Jacob, Joanna, Levi, Leona, Marisol, Miles, Milo, Nasir, Noel, Ray, Reyen, Oscar, Poppy, Sammo, Touhy, Victor, William .. and the rest of you. Your crazy auntie has been on your side from the moment she knew you were here, or on the way.


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